dehydrated grapefruit spilling from jar

I’ve been experimenting with my dehydrator again… and I have to say, this is one of my favorite snacks so far! I absolutely love grapefruit, so having a big jar of these tangy dried snacks on my counter is a great thing. I’ve been grabbing a few every time I pass by. I left some of the grapefruit in the dehydrator for a very long time and I took some out earlier, so I ended up with some crunchy slices and some chewier, candy-like slices. It’s based on your own personal preference, but I liked the crunchier ones better.

Grapefruit is high in vitamin C and lycopene. Vitamin C will help keep away a cold and lycopene is one of the things that helps keep your body from producing tumors. Eating grapefruit really does cool your body off, so if you are feeling overheated, grab this fruit. It’s also good for the digestion, can lower cholesterol, and helps boost your immune system. And, if you are hung-over, grapefruit can start the detoxifying that you sorely need.

I like to sprinkle healing herbs on my fruit before I dehydrate it. This time I used Huang Qi. Huang Qi (Astragalus) is one of my favorite Chinese herbs. It strengthens your whole body, so if you often feel fatigued, this might be a good herb for you. It can help you if you have chronic diarrhea, frequent colds and general weakness. Just make sure you buy any herb from a reputable company. I use whole, raw Huang Qi slices in my soups and stews, and I use a powdered form for things like these grapefruit slices.

Slice up some beautiful grapefruits… these pink ones worked nicely…
grapefruit slices raw

Sprinkle a healing herb on it if you like (I used Huang Qi)…
huang qi jar in hand

Then arrange them in your dehydrator…
grapefruit slices in dehydrator beginning

Dehydrate them for 11 to 15 hours depending on how crisp you like them…
dehydrated grapefruit slices on wood planks

Store them in jars…
dehydrated grapefruit spilling from jar

What a great snack!
dehydrated grapefruit upright jar


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