resized edited large watermelon jerky

I’ve seen a lot of posts about watermelon jerky all over the place. I’m a big fan of dehydrated fruit but I never tried dehydrating watermelon… until now. Truthfully, I bought a big fancy dehydrator many years ago but it ended up collecting dust on my kitchen counter and being used more for a plant stand than for actually dehydrating food, so I eventually banished it to my basement. The idea of using it for watermelon got me to bring it up from the basement, dust it off and return it to its rightful place on the counter. And, believe me, it is well-deserverd because dehydrated watermelon is really delicious!

I remember eating Jolly Rancher watermelon candy as a kid. Eating this jerky took me right back to that taste. Now, I’m going to use the dehydrator for everything again… I’m feeling creative so expect a bunch of  unique  dehydrated things to come…

Watermelon is a great food to eat in the summer. This fruit actually helps remove excess heat from the body and it quenches your thirst too. Many people eat it for weight loss because it acts as a diuretic and promotes urination. I recommend watermelon to some of my patients who are carrying excess water or who are feeling out of sorts and irritable during the hot days of summer. It’s a detoxifying fruit and it’s a good source of vitamins A and C, which makes it good to ward off heart disease and colon cancer and it can relieve arthritis and asthma symptoms.

There’s no real recipe for this. You only need watermelon and sea salt. Here’s what I did:

I took the tray of leftover watermelon from the weekend and cut it a little thinner. I found that the pieces that were cut about 1/4-inch thick worked best…
resized leftover watermelon slices

I sprinkled on a little coarse-grain sea salt and put it in my dehydrator. I have one of the big dehydrators with lots of shelves, but the smaller round ones work great too…
resized watermelon in dehydrator

I set my dehydrator to 135 degrees and left it alone for 12 hours…
resized dehydrated watermelon on reflex sheet

Some of the pieces were still a little soft, so I guess I could have let it go a little longer, but no one seemed to mind…
resized watermelon jerky top view

I stored it in a jar. Next time, I’m filling up the dehydrator and making a bigger batch…
resized edited large watermelon jerky


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